Jennie Garth Divorce – Jealousy Over Peter Facinelli’s Fame?

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Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli have been close to divorce for months now, after eleven years together. The reasons just keep piling up. It’s like that tiny hole in the dike, that grows and cracks, then splits asunder. But the number one reason, according to Hollywood Life’s exclusive report, is the old career struggle. When 90210 was the hottest show on television, Garth, 39, was at the top of her fame. Jobs, riches, paparazzi—it all came her way. Eventually, Peter Facinelli came her way, too.

Peter Facinelli, 38, hit it big with Twilight, and all the series movies that came after. He plays Robert Pattinson’s vampire father, the head of the Cullen clan. File:JGarth atemmys.jpgMeanwhile, Jennie Garth’s career sagged. For the past few years, his star has been rising along with The Twilight Saga, and now all the opportunities come his way—especially jobs. “He is the breadwinner now, but she used to be a bigger deal.”

Honestly, you’d think a couple would be glad somebody is working. But being a celebrity is such a big deal, it must be really hard to see your spouse hit it huge while your career is fading. According to tab sources, Jennie Garth can’t handle his fame. Whoever said life was fair?

“She started to have to stay home more often or join him on his adventures, but would get in the way,” a source says. And “He felt like she was riding on his coat tails.” OK, that’s no way to run a marriage. But they have three children together, Luca, Lola, and Fiona. How does this bode for them? Joint custody is in the works.

Another Hollywood marriage drops in the dust. Stay tuned.

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