Jennie Garth Helps Husband Peter Facinelli deal with The Craziness of Being a Phenom in TWILIGHT (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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Peter Facilnelli has an excellent tutor when it comes to learning to deal with being part of a cultural phenomenon. After all, he is married to Jennie Garth, who played the slutty then wizened Kelly Taylor on BEVERLY HILLS 90210. She knows what it’s like when all the world seems to be talking about is you and your “job.”

Facinelli has waited a long time in the wings for this kind of attention, being known as Mr. Garth for a lot of that time. In fact, he’s played roles on TV shows, in film and everywhere in-between but he’s never gotten the kind of attention he is getting for being in TWILIGHT.

Will he be able to convince the world in other productions that he’s got what it takes to be a bigger star on his own? The one thing that may stand in his way is the fact that he is going to be known to the younger audience members as an old man in this movie. How much will that affect the kind of roles he gets next time out?

There are more films to be made and I don’t know what his role is in it but there’s a good chance that he will be able to enjoy some extra time in the spotlight because of his association with the Cullens and their kind . . .

Hey, little ones, do you even know what who else was on the original 90210? Let me know!

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