Jennie Garth, Peter Facinelli Tried Counseling Prior to Divorce

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Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli say they plan to divorce. The couple married eleven years ago, and they have three children. Divorce is a big, complicated mess. So the celeb couple tried counseling—anything to save their marriage. But apparently their efforts, reports Hollywood Life, came up empty.

A source reveals that the “couple’s counseling” they tried “just didn’t work.” Both parties are “very upset,” the source goes on. But that does not say why.

“They grew apart over time,” the source adds. Ok, that’s one big reason for breaking up a marriage, but it generally isn’t the only one. Additional mFile:JGarth atemmys.jpgotives are floating on the gossip train. The biggest speculation is that Jennie Garth grew jealous of the fame and fortune Peter Facinelli gained as one of the principal characters in The Twilight Saga. These days, being a vampire father and doctor is hot. Being a former resident of Beverly Hills 90210 is not. One career skyrocketing past the other in a marriage is a sad fact of celeb life. But it doesn’t have to split up a family.

Further gossip says there may have been cheating going on. Was Peter taking too much advantage of those cold Canadian nights, filming Breaking Dawn? Did Jennie Garth find out? Rumors of cheating, if they prove true, may be more than counseling can overcome. Then there are the long separations. Nobody ever said celeb marriages are easy.

If communication is the problem, counseling generally solves it. But that green-eyed monster, whether the problem is career or a third party, may just be too much.

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