Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux baby rumors surface again

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Make it stop! Another tabloid report that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are expecting a baby has surfaced—this one as unbelievable as the ones before it. Just about a week after Jen said she wasn’t desperate to have a baby, another report suggests that she is already preggo.
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“She hasn’t announced it, but all of her friends seem to think it’s finally happened. Whenever anyone hints around the question, Jen gets really giggly and shy. It certainly has all of her friends buzzing, and Jen seems to be loving it,” said a source.

It doesn’t seem like this is even feasible—have you seen Jennifer Aniston’s body lately? She is in no way showing any signs of a possible bump and she certainly isn’t dressing like a pregnant woman. Last week she was busy promoting her new venture Five (along with Alicia Keys and Demi Moore), and although she was glowing, she really didn’t seem pregnant. When it happens, it happens, and people will know about it. As of now, however, it sounds like just another rumor.

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