Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt: War of the Rings!

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Did Jennifer Aniston make out better than Angelina Jolie when it comes to engagement rings? Now that Jen and Justin Theroux are officially engaged, it certainly didn’t take long before Aniston (Brad Pitt’s ex-wife) and Angelina Jolie’s (Pitt’s fiancé) rings were compared.

So who wins the war of the rings? Jen or Angelina. Well from the look of things, both actresses have gigantic rings, with a similar price tag and what appears to be nearly identical carat weight. In other words, both Aniston and Jolie’s engagement rings are big and expensive.

At least one source guesses that “Jennifer’s ring is approximately 8-9 carats with a radiant cut center diamond. Estimated price tag is $500,000.”

Wouldn’t you know, Angelina Jolie’s ring from Brad Pitt cost the same, cool half-million dollars. As far as size, Angelina’s ring is a reported 16 carats, while estimates have Jennifer Aniston’s ring from Justin Theroux is in the 12-18 carat range.

One thing is for sure, these two rings certainly come with quite the price tag. The question of whose ring is better is actually moot. The only question is whether these two marriages will actually last.

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