Jennifer Aniston Annoyed! Enough with the Brad Pitt ‘Nonsense’

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Jennifer Aniston is annoyed and should anyone blame her? The superstar actress has been done with Brad Pitt for seemingly forever at this point, so why can’t people just understand that she has moved on.

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Of course, Brad Pitt dumped fuel on the fire by making comments recently about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, basically calling Jen dull. Of course Brad, who is married with six kids to Angelina Jolie, tried to smooth things over by saying that he was taken out of context in the interview. Some media and bloggers just can’t let it go.

Jennifer has faced a barrage of questions as well as rumors that she was upset about what she terms as complete ‘nonsense.’ Basically, Aniston has moved on (see Justin Theroux) and wants everyone else to move on too.

So how is Jennifer Aniston handling all of this nonsense? At least one “insider” says that she is ready to move past all of the rumors and speculation, while understanding the tabloids’ role in all of this:

Jennifer does not want to continue any of this nonsense…Jen is wise enough to know that tabloids and gossip need to make something out of nothing in order to sell magazines.

Well, that was a boring if not dull response from someone close to Jennifer Aniston. Clearly if Brad Pitt said she was dull…Jen is going to live up to that moniker with dull answers to rumors. She may be in the news, but she won’t be “creating” the news with her words, that’s for sure.

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