Jennifer Aniston Bans Own Mother from Wedding

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Jennifer Aniston and her mother are definitely not friends. Of course, every mother and daughter have conflict at some time during the course of their lives. It’s sort of a built-in aspect of the mother-daughter bond. However, the Aniston women’s problems seem more complicated than that. So much so that Jen has banned her mother from her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux. And this isn’t the first time. Jen’s mom was also banned from her 2000 wedding to Angelina’s current fiancé, Brad Pitt.

So why does La Aniston hate her mother? Apparently, it’s because the senior Mrs. Aniston reportedly suffered from a severe case of loose lips with the media. Nancy Aniston, who is 76 years old and in poor health, failed to “keep her mouth shut about her daughter’s private life” in an interview way back in 1996.

“Being at Jennifer’s wedding to Justin was one of Nancy’s greatest late-in-life dreams —,” revealed an insider, “but now that dream is shattered. …when Nancy started asking a bunch of questions about the upcoming event, it set off an alarm in Jennifer’s head. She realized her mom was gossiping way too much about her wedding plans. Now she has banned Nancy from the nuptials — just like she banned her from her wedding to Brad Pitt…”

Yikes. Jennifer Aniston sure knows how to carry a grudge. Especially over something as minor as talking to the press. Perhaps Jen should lighten up a little. Many people have parents who commit infinitely worse sins against them–molestation, theft, and physical or psychological abuse to name only a few. Her mom’s trespasses seem pretty mild by comparison. Everyone is guilty of loose lips once in a while. Why not let her mother attend the wedding? It’s just one day at a public ceremony. What harm could the poor old gal possibly do? Plus, Jen, it might be good karma.

Just saying.

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