Jennifer Aniston Chooses Justin Theroux Over Sick Mom?

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Jennifer Aniston has been staying in New York City with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, reportedly leaving her mom (who recently had a stroke) to fend for herself in California. Of course you don’t have to be a genius to know that Jen has been in NYC and her mom in LA… but don’t you wonder why that is?
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These points have been brought up by several media outlets including In Touch Weekly and Daily Mail and there really isn’t any way to “debunk” this story, although Gossip Cop tried. Evidently Jennifer Aniston’s rep said that these reports are “completely untrue.” Well, despite Jen’s “several visits” to LA to see her mom (who is reportedly being looked after by caretakers), she really hasn’t been by her mom’s side since the stroke.

Perhaps Nancy, 75, has already recovered from the stroke, but if that was your mom, wouldn’t you want to be with her? Perhaps Jennifer isn’t “choosing” Justin Theroux over her mom, but she certainly isn’t “choosing” to stay in LA for an extended period of time. Thoughts?

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