Jennifer Aniston ‘Disciplines’ Justin Theroux?

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Jennifer Aniston disciplines Justin Theroux–at least that’s what he told Access Hollywood during a recent interview. Guess no one needs to ask who wears the pants in that relationship–right?

According to a report from OK Magazine, there’s a bit more to the story. It seems that while appearing on Access Hollywood, mention was made of the dog that Jen and Justin just recently adopted together. And then, of course, the question arose as to which of them–Jen or Justin–was best at disciplining the new member of their family.

Jennifer Aniston <3“She’s better at disciplining the dog,” Theroux says.

However upon reconsidering the answer he gave, he decided to add just a bit more to it, so it was a little bit more indicative of their home life.

“She’s better at disciplining me than disciplining the dog!” he added, rather sheepishly.

So it sounds like Jennifer Aniston maybe isn’t completely in charge of Justin Theroux, but it certainly sounds like she might be the one who prefers some structure and order within their household. And that’s a good thing. Households (and yes, even some guys, too) really thrive on that structure.

Aniston and Theroux just walked the red carpet for the premiere of their new film Wanderlust. It was on the set of the film that the two met, and now several months later they still appear to be going strong.

But, really–who wouldn’t be going strong while being disciplined by Jennifer Aniston? There are probably thousands–maybe even more–guys who would line up in a heartbeat to get just a little bit of that discipline from Jen.

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