Jennifer Aniston Dishes on Justin Theroux’s Shower Ritual

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Jennifer Aniston has plenty to be proud of. She has her acting career, her stunning good looks, is engaged to Justin Theroux, and she even has her own line of hair products.

It turns out that Justin is gaining more than a beautiful, talented woman when he marries Jennifer. He is also gaining complete access to her hair product. Of course, Theroux is getting ample time to try her Living Proof hair products out before the wedding according to Aniston.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston spilled the beans about what it is like to be a co-owner of her own hair care line. “I’ve been known for hair for so long and … it just never felt right. It has to ring true to me, and feel good…to be able to have creative participation and get behind the product in a way that is actually knowing what’s happening as opposed to selling what’s happening.”

So, what about clinical trials? What does Justin Theroux have to say about the stuff? Does Jen’s fiancé have access to the stuff? “He kind of has no choice,” quipped Aniston. “It’s what’s in the shower right now. You know he’s a guy, he just goes for what’s in the shower. But yes, he’s used it.”

Nice. At least he isn’t bringing over his own product. Nice job, Justin, supporting your future wife!

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