Jennifer Aniston Gives Taylor Swift Dating Advice!

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Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift may share an ex-boyfriend (John Mayer), but that didn’t stop the former Friends star from offering the country music cutie some words of wisdom about love.

Jen reportedly spotted Taylor at a People’s Choice Awards after-party, and felt the need to have a serious conversation about the dating world. According to some witnesses who overheard the heart to heart, Aniston told Swift to “hang in there.”

It’s really sweet that Jennifer Aniston wanted to offer Taylor Swift some advice about love, but the two women are in very different stages of their lives. Jen is in her 40’s, has a divorce under her belt, and is constantly being hounded by the tabloids to get married and have a baby. Taylor is in her early 20’s and hasn’t had enough life experience to settle down.

However, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift are two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Their dating lives are a topic of interested fans all over the world, who really just want to see both girls happy. Hopefully, Jen and Taylor will find their prince charming, and live happily ever after.

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