Jennifer Aniston Happier Than Ever, But Insulting Brad Pitt?

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Jennifer Aniston just recently turned 43, but her 40s seem to be agreeing quite nicely with the star. She arguably looks better than ever, glowing from the inside out (and not because she’s pregnant!), and she has a successful love story going with actor boyfriend Justin Theroux. She even has reportedly vowed to get married in 2012 — presumably to Theroux?! Oh, and she and J.T. have a new movie out, called Wanderlust. She’s certainly rocking the 4-3, and she told CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King all about it in a recent interview. However, in their chat, did she indirectly insult her ex, Brad Pitt?

Of Theroux, Aniston revealed they’ve known each other for five years. “I mean, he’s been a friend,” she clarified. Some of the best romantic relationships start out as beautiful friendships and that seems to be the case with hers.

File:Jennifer Aniston 2011.jpgJennifer Aniston positively gushed that “Yes!” she was happy with her life. In fact, happier “than I’ve ever been,” she stated, as CBS News reports. But with that statement of supreme happiness, it’s possible that a bit of a jab was hurled in Brad Pitt’s direction. It was probably unintentional, with Aniston just excitedly expressing her contentment. But she more or less implicitly stated that she’s in a better place now than she ever was with Pitt.

That aside, Pitt is now very much on his own happiness track, or at least he seems to be! He is of course connected with (but not married to!) Angelina Jolie and they have a sizeable brood of kids. The couple even recently stepped out in standard statement-making fashion for the Oscars last Sunday night. Naturally, given the love-triangle circumstances that involve one hot actor and two gorgeous actresses — a blonde girl-next-door type and a sultry brunette — there have long been rumors of tension between these characters.

Nevertheless, it does appear that each side, Jennifer Aniston and new beau Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are two separate happy “families” now.

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