Jennifer Aniston—Justin Theroux Doesn’t Like Chelsea Handler Friendship

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Jennifer Aniston’s beau Justin Theroux doesn’t like her being such good friends with comedian Chelsea Handler. In fact, he is so against the friendship that he has told Jen to ditch Chelsea.

According to a report from OK Magazine, Justin Theroux thinks Chelsea Handler is simply crass, and he doesn’t like the “tight hold” she seems to have on his girlfriend. Will Jen stand for Justin telling her what to do and with whom she can be friends?

Jen and Chelsea have been friends for quite some time, but that’s not to say they haven’t had some problems. Jennifer Aniston really took Chelsea Handler to task when she made a joke about Angelina Jolie stealing Brad Pitt from her. Still the two wound up remaining quite friendly and even hanging out on many occasions.

Some people fear Jennifer Aniston will continue her friendship with Chelsea Handler now for the sole purpose of proving to Justin Theroux that no one tells her what she can do.

“She wants to hang out with Chelsea just to show Justin he can’t control her. She wants to make that clear before things go any further,” a source claims.

Chelsea Handler is indeed an incredibly crass woman, and Jennifer Aniston is so classy—it’s a wonder that the two ever became friends. They are total opposites on the social spectrum. But then again, opposites have been known to attract. The same must hold for girlfriends, too—right?

Will Chelsea Handler wind up coming between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux? He has apparently made it more than clear that he has no intentions of spending any time with or even near the crude comedian. Will his opposition to her friendship with Jen come to be a sore spot in their relationship?

It will be interesting to see how Jen reacts to Justin’s wishes in the coming weeks and if in fact his dislike on Chelsea Handler has an impact on their romance—that many say is headed for the altar.

What do you think will happen—or not happen?

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