Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Fighting Over Diet?

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Jennifer Aniston is reportedly obsessed with being thin… and it’s driving Justin Theroux bonkers! While this one may seem somewhat believable, it’s just another tabloid story for these two lovebirds.
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“Jennifer doesn’t obsess on any diet. She has always eaten healthy and continues to do so,” said a rep for Aniston. It’s true that the Horrible Bosses actress has always maintained a slim figure and she has been known to eat healthy and take care of herself… so why the rumors about her weight now? Well if she isn’t engaged, married, or pregnant, the tabloids need something to report on!

Aniston and Theroux have been happy together, taking their romance from coast to coast, without a care in the world, and stories like this one aren’t going to get in their way. It seems like they have similar interests—including being in shape—and they have probably connected over eating healthy and exercising. They seem to always be walking around NYC together, but that’s not cause to disrupt their romance with bogus diet-obsession stories!

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