Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Wedding Guest List Includes Brad Pitt’s Mom?!

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Jennifer Aniston has no hard feelings when it comes to Brad Pitt’s mom. According to a report, Jennifer may have moved on from her ex-husband Brad, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t willing to invite Jane Pitt to her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux.

Is she nuts? Well, a tabloid source seems to think it is okay, even though on the surface it seems a bit odd. “Jennifer wants Jane to be there.” claims the source. “She’s closer to her than she is to her own mother Nancy and it just feels right.”

Okay, if it “feels right” to Jennifer Aniston, then it must be okay, right? The thing is, how would this make Justin Theroux feel. He has had to deal with the obvious Brad Pitt comparisons all along, even though Brad and Jen split years ago and Pitt is getting married to Angelina Jolie.

So does this mean that Jen and Justin are going to invite Brad and Angelina to the big day. Not so fast. The tabloid are making the excuse that it would be “distracting” (probably right) and “too expensive” considering Brangelina have 6 kids in their brood (this one seems like hogwash, as this would be a drop in the bucket considering the entire wedding’s assumed cost).

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