Jennifer Aniston makes Justin Theroux laugh with dirty jokes?

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Jennifer Aniston has a funny-side… and she even admits that she’s apt to tell a dirty joke every now and again. Perhaps she shares these funny jokes with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. You know what they say, laughter is very important in any relationship.

In a new interview, Jen revealed, “I’m not File:Jennifer Aniston 2011.jpgrude in front of people that I don’t know, but I tell a dirty joke now and then – I’m not squeaky clean.” It’s kind of nice to hear that Jen isn’t always prim and proper. It seems that people see her exterior shell which is almost always perfect, but evidently she offers a bit more to people who really know her.

Justin Theroux seems like a really fun guy too, but he gets cast in the same group. He seems pretty serious but there has to be a softer side to him. He and Jen probably share a lot of laughs, and that’s a great thing. Wouldn’t you love to hear a dirty joke from Jennifer Aniston?

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