Jennifer Aniston meets Justin Theroux’s cousin

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are getting pretty serious! Despite the fact that people think they are secretly engaged, the two don’t seem to be rushing to get married. However, they are taking all of the steps—and quickly!
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“Justin Theroux introduced girlfriend Jennifer Aniston to his documentarian cousin, Louis Theroux, in London on Wednesday night,” said a source. Already meeting the family? That’s a step that says “serious,” isn’t it? Although it wasn’t a “meet the parents” date, it’s still a family member. Even when you meet your significant others’ closest friends, it can be a big step. It usually means they like you enough to bring you around… or they think you can handle their crazy friends!

It seems as though Jennifer and Justin have a great relationship, and whether or not they get married shouldn’t even be a thought in people’s minds. They need to enjoy each other—and people need to be happy that Jen has finally found someone!

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