Jennifer Aniston NIPPY Bikini PHOTOs – Fabulous at 41

Jennifer Aniston was HOT while in Hawaii this weekend. She was in a slinky hot pink bikini that showed off every inch of her body… and by every inch, I mean her nipples were quite apparent under the thin material of her bikini top. YUP, what we have got HERE are some seriously hot photos of a nippy Aniston and to be her age, 41, and still rock a body like that! MAN!

As much as I adore Angelina Jolie, I have to doubt that Angie looks like Aniston with her clothes off, granted she has given birth three times… then again you never know. Either way, Jennifer is looking happy, healthy, tanned and beautiful in the photos. There’s no mention on TMZ as to whether or not Jennifer was on a set or just vacationing.

Wonder if John Meyer has seen these. HA! I would love to see his reaction to them. You can see her teeny tiny nippy bikini PHOTOS HERE.



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