Jennifer Aniston Nude Scene in “Wanderlust” Movie

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Actress Jennifer Aniston will reportedly step her acting game up when she goes nude for a new movie called “Wanderlust.”  The film deals with a married couple who spends time living on a hippie commune.

Cast member Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of the dramatic romance comedy motion picture The Switch , at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles on August 16, 2010. UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

According to NY Daily News, Jennifer Aniston just might do a full-frontal nude scene for the new “Wanderlust” film, even though her rep has denied the reports.  The film reportedly involves a topless scene as well as some other racy escapades and drug use.  Aniston has films to her credit which include “Office Space”, “Leprechaun” and her latest with Jason Bateman “Switch.”  She’s also scheduled to have a small part on her “Friends” co-star’s ABC show “Cougar Town” for the new season.

So will a naked Jennifer Aniston make her a better actress?  More importantly will it get people seeing her movies and earning them top dollar at the box office?  An image consultant from NY named Amanda Sanders recently commented on the idea that Aniston is embracing her sexier side for new movies, including “Wanderlust” and “Horrible Bosses”.  Sanders told NY Daily News:

“She’s always played those syrupy comedies and at this point she needs to do something dramatic,” she told the Daily News, adding that her upcoming nudity will give her an edge.

It seems all too common in Hollywood, if a celeb needs to jumpstart their career or bring it to life, pose for Playboy, do something controversial, or go nude on film to get people talking.  Aniston is clearly looking to do something to get her career going after it seemingly has flatlined thanks to movies like “The Bounty Hunter” which you may see winning Razzies in the near future.  Let’s face it, the former NBC “Friends” star is gorgeous and has a great body.  Not many males will mind their significant others dragging them to see a movie which includes Aniston nude.

Is this the right move for Aniston to do a nude scene in a movie, or does she simply need to hire a new acting coach and agent who can find better scripts?

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