Jennifer Aniston Pregnant or Surrogate in 2014? Dumped Before Wedding for Being Naggy, Needy?

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Jennifer Aniston’s pregnant rumors are back. Is Jennifer finally pregnant in 2014? The latest rumors are mixed as usual but here’s what they claim. Oh yeah, there’s also talk of Justin Theroux dumping Aniston because she’s naggy. Was there a true break up? It’s time to figure it out.

One rumor claims Jennifer was pregnant during her bisexual sex scene in Horrible Bosses 2. But another rumor claims the blonde cutie can’t have children and is opting to have a surrogate with Justin’s blessing. There’s yet another rumor claiming the pregnant actress has been dumped. So that’s two stories claiming she’s pregnant and one claiming she’s opting for a surrogate.

The story about Jennifer getting dumped claims, “Jen said Justin refuses to set a wedding date, and his reluctance to marry her is taking a toll…Now everything Justin does annoys her, and vice versa. He thinks she she’s too insecure and nags him constantly, and she feels like he’s completely removed and doesn’t care about her feelings.”

But things get worse because Jennifer Aniston reportedly feels as if she’s playing second fiddle to Justin Theroux’s career. Sadly, Justin “couldn’t keep living with her full-time by that point, because she was driving him insane.”

So, Aniston is supposedly pregnant and alone or not pregnant but still in a relationship. Either way there’s no way to prove either of these rumors. It looks like Jen and her old nemesis, Angelina Jolie, are both going through rough ties with their fiancés.

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