Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Rumors Persist Despite Tight Outfits

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Jennifer Aniston has supposedly been pregnant for the last few years. Darn, that’s one long pregnancy. Those rumors continue to persist despite Jennifer going out repeatedly in tight outfits.

The latest photo of Aniston and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, show the blonde in tight jeans and a tight tank top but that hasn’t ended those pregnant rumors. It’s only changed the supposed dates.

Jennifer and Justin have probably learned to live with the ridiculousness that is the media by now. Everyone wants to see her married, pregnant and happy so you can’t really blame her fans for wanting to know what’s going on with her womb.

Plus, the longer the rumors persist, the more likely they’ll be proved true one day. If you keep saying that old bridge is going to collapse and it does finally collapse in 50 years, well, you’ll be proved right, won’t you. So that’s probably the mentality of gossip columnists.

Jennifer Aniston is or will be pregnant or she will adopt, at least that’s what the press keeps saying.

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