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Could Jennifer Aniston soon have her own reality show? Yes, if MTV has their way. There are reports out this week that the actress was approached by MTV to be the subject of a reality television series following her day to day life. MTV wants to give fans an intimate view of the life of the singer. They want it all. From her love life to the smallest details that make up her day.

Jennifer Aniston cheerfully waves at fans as she appears on the Daily Show in NYC, NY on August 19, 2010 to promote her newest movie The Switch . Fame Pictures, Inc

According to Pop Crunch, the actress is currently considering the offer. Behind the series would be the same people that brought “The Hills” and “Jersey Shore” to the network.  Now, there is no denying Aniston has lived an interesting life. Once married to Brad Pitt, former “Friend” and pal to Courteney Cox, ex to John Mayer, and the list could go on and on.

Does everyone really need to be taken into the behind the scenes of her life? It wouldn’t be the first series of its kind. Remember Newlyweds following Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey around? MTV likes bringing real life to television. Following celebrity lives just adds something to it. Does Jennifer Aniston want to open her life up to even more scrutiny. That will happen if she goes in front of the cameras. Some might be interested enough to tune in, but it sounds like a bad idea in the making.

Her career might not be what it used to be, but does she really need to go to MTV and share her life with the world to revive it? No. Start making better movies, Jennifer. That should be your first mission. Next up for the actress is “Just Go With It” starring Adam Sandler. A trailer for the film was released over the weekend. Could it be the film that revives her career without MTV’s help? Time will tell! Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

UPDATE: An update to this story this morning. Reality Blurred is reporting that this a complete rumor. Jennifer Aniston has not been in talks to do a reality show. Thank God. Had to wonder if she had lost her mind!

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