Jennifer Aniston Refuses Role in Chelsea Handler’s Dud Sitcom—Comedienne Livid

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Chelsea Handler is mad as hell at Jennifer Aniston for refusing to bail her out of her rapidly sinking new sitcom. Reportedly the Horrible Bosses star has wisely refused to join the cast of Handler’s new and already troubled NBC show, Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. It seems the hatchet-faced dipsomaniacal insult comedienne has repeatedly begged her “one-time BFF” to reconsider, but Jen isn’t interested. Smart Jen. La Handler is reportedly “hurt.”

That’s doubtful. To be hurt, one must first possess some semblance of human sensibilities. The foul-mouthed profligately gleeful bully, Handler, has repeatedly and often demonstrated her lack thereof. Nevertheless, she’s still livid over Jennifer Aniston’s refusal to debase herself and jeopardize her successful career by jumping aboard a sinking ship that should never have been launched in the first place.

And why is Handler’s sitcom such a dud? Other than the fact that it stars Handler?

“The pilot episode was a bomb,” reveals an insider. “It wasn’t funny and the characters were unlikable.”

Unlikable characters who are not funny. That sounds familiar. To make matters worse, reportedly La Handler’s “three main stars were axed before production even started.” Ouch. Too bad the fat late night comic wasn’t one of them. That might have saved the show.

At any rate, Jennifer Aniston is wisely sticking to her guns about this one. Although her former false BFF was counting on Jen’s megawatt A-list presence to make her lemon a big profitable pitcher of lemonade, Jen isn’t having any. She’s told Handler that she’s too busy with her boyfriend Justin Theroux and her fledgling career as a director to join the cast of a sure-fire failure—er—Handler’s sitcom.

“Unless it’s a cameo role or a turn as a director of one of the episodes,” said the inside source, “Jen is out.”

Kudos to Jennifer Aniston for refusing to knuckle under to Chelsea Handler who has for too long used their “friendship” to garner herself more publicity. Hopefully, Jen will now follow through and kick the loser/user to the curb once and for all.

You go, Jen.

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