Jennifer Aniston Reunites with Friend on Cougar Town

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Jennifer Aniston is set to make a guest appearance on the season premier of ABC’s Cougar Town. This shot will reunite Aniston with her former “Friend” and real-life BFF,Courtney Cox. Jen is set to play a psychiatrist whom Jules is seeing. With any luck, hilarity will ensue.

The show’s producers promise that the writing and comedy have evolved for this season. Judging from the last few shows of last season, it would pretty much have to, as the same jokes were recycled ad nauseum. Really, how many wino and promiscuous sex jokes can you recite?

Aniston, fresh off a dismal opening weekend of her new flick “The Switch”, could use a Friend right about now. Her last few movies have been less than blockbusters, and while Jen is pretty much the “All American Girl”, her big screen  offerings have been received lukewarmly, at best .

Granted, she is cute as a button, and has great comedic chops, but to carry an entire film seems to be beyond her talents. Perhaps now is the time for Aniston to turn her focus to the medium which made her a household name, TV.   I’m sure there are numerous producers out there who could come up with a sitcom for Jennifer Aniston.

According to CNN Entertainment “Cougar Town” is set to premier on September 22 at 9:30 EST.

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