Jennifer Aniston ruined life of Justin Theroux’s ex

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Jennifer Aniston has been called a home-wrecker since allegedly “stealing” Justin Theroux from his long-time girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. Now, a friend of Bivens is speaking out, saying that she’s totally crushed and that Jen pretty much ruined her life.
“Heidi thought the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, but now she knows it’s all too real. She’s given up hope and she’s crushed,” said the friend. Heidi and Justin dated for 14 years before he left her for Aniston. It has been reported that Heidi was blindsided when Theroux told her he was leaving, after falling for Aniston on the set of the film Wanderlust.

Of course, the media tries to make this sound like what happened with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—and even if it is similar, does that make Jen less of a person? If anything, it must have helped her understand the way things work in life. Some people are destined to be together, and if the circumstances aren’t favorable for one person, they just might be for another.

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