Jennifer Aniston Taking a Break Because She’s Pregnant?

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Jennifer Aniston is taking a break from making movies because she wants to start a family. But is she already pregnant?

It would make sense for her to take a break if she is—she knows that even more cameras will follow her around if she’s photographed with what appears to be a baby bump, so she could be hoping to lay low as long as possible. She’s already been shying away from the spotlight lately, but that could be for a number of other reasons—maybe she’s been trying to spend some quality time with new beaux Justin Theroux; maybe they’re actually going to do some wedding planning; or perhaps they’ve been having relationship problems that they’re working on. Whatever the case, it is a little suspicious that she’s reportedly going to take even more time off.

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer Aniston isn’t going to take on any more movies for the foreseeable future. A source told the Mail that she wants to “focus on herself and hopefully becoming a mother.”

Of course this doesn’t mean that she’s already pregnant—she could be taking the break to try to get pregnant with Justin Theroux’s baby (and perhaps she needs some time to convince Justin to knock her up since he might not be ready to be a dad just yet). But of course Jen can’t completely stop working—she and Justin have to promote their movie Wanderlust, and she’s planning on taking some time to work on her own fashion line (maybe she’ll add maternity wear?).

An extended break could be a good thing for an actress like Jennifer Aniston who can afford it—it will give her time to assess where she’s at in her life and career and decide what she wants to do next. Perhaps she’ll decide to try to get pregnant; perhaps she’ll decide to adopt; or perhaps she’ll decide she’s not ready to have a baby because she wants to try her hand at directing. Who knows?

So do you think Jen is ready for a baby, or is she just considering the idea of getting pregnant because her biological clock is ticking?

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