Jennifer Aniston Thinks Katy Perry Should Dump John Mayer

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Jennifer Aniston thinks “Wide Awake” singer Katy Perry should dump boyfriend John Mayer–and she’s probably right. And no one’s more qualified to give such advice either!

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Jen has supposedly tried reaching out to Katy Perry. It’s uncertain if she’s been successful or not.

“Katy should reJennifer Aniston <3 - Beverly Hills, CAally watch out. Take it from Jen. She’s been there and done that. And it took her years to recover,” a good friend of Aniston’s says.

John Mayer is a notorious cheat–known for breaking hearts with his hurtful playboy behavior. Don’t believe Jen? Ask Taylor Swift. She, too, knows full well what it feels like to be on the wrong end of John Mayer. And don’t forget Jessica Simpson. She probably can add a thing or two about the player.

“Jennifer gave John more than a year to prove himself as marriage material,” the friend adds. “Katy needs to be warned about John’s hypnotic ways before its too late.”

Do you think maybe Katy Perry should pay heed to what Jennifer Aniston believes she should know? Might it behoove the “Firework” singer to think back to her painful divorce from Russell Brand and stop before she puts herself in a vulnerable situation again?

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