Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie: ‘Keep Your Hands Off’ Justin Theroux!

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Jennifer Aniston isn’t about to lose another man to Angelina Jolie.

The Emmy winner has told the Oscar winner to stay away from new “boyfriend” Justin Theroux, The National Enquirer is reporting. According to The Enquirer’s website, Angelina wants to work with Justin on the upcoming movie “Salt 2,” which has sent Jennifer into a tizzy.

“Angie is campaigning for producers to dangle a big pay­check in front of Justin to entice him to come on board for the second installment of ‘Salt,’ her hit action thriller,” an “insider” dishes to the mag. “Not only does An­gie think Justin’s dark, brooding good looks [writer’s note: are we looking at the same guy?] would be a perfect on-screen match for her, but she loves stirring up Jen’s insecurities.”

Really? She can do way better than Justin Theroux — and, actually, she is doing better than that, since she’s with Brad freaking Pitt. Superficially, Brad is way hotter than Justin, and he’s got a better career and name recognition too. “Stealing” Justin from Jennifer Aniston would be a major downgrade — even if she has some kind of vendetta against the “Friends” star — and Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem like the type to do something without thinking it through first.

But the source claims that Angelina is such a diabolical man-eating villainess she is ignoring Brad Pitt, who is “begging her to consider anyone else,” so that she can “stick it to Jen.”

“Angelina absolutely hates that Jen and Brad are still close and talk to each other [editor’s note: so, Jennifer is still calling Brad?],” the source tells The Enquirer. “So she’s chasing Justin for a prized film role as a move against Jen, who gets under her skin like no other woman.”

But Jennifer isn’t about to let Angelina “steal” another man from her and had her handlers tell Angelina, “Keep your hands off him!” But that brazen hussy ignored the publicists’ threats, because “she wants Jen to stay frantic and not know what she is going to do next.”

Come on, is this for real? In Touch first reported back in July that Angelina was trying to “steal” Justin Theroux, which a “Jolie insider” at the time called “total bulls—,” “absurd” and “stupid” to Gossip Cop. The Enquirer actually has a pretty decent track record — they broke the John Edwards and Tiger Woods stories — and the fact that this is the second time this rumor has come up is interesting. But there’s no way Angelina Jolie cares enough about Jennifer Aniston to try to “wreck” her life a second time just for the fun of it.

What do you think? Is Angelina Jolie trying to “steal” another man from Jennifer Aniston? Is this whole situation just way too junior high? And do you remember how nervous Jennifer looked when she presented at the Oscars with Angelina and Brad Pitt in the front row (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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