Jennifer Aniston Wins Spike TV’s Decade of Hotness Award; Does Angelina Jolie Care? Probably Not

Jennifer Aniston has won Spike TV’s Decade of Hotness award! The blonde cutie is most deserving of the award too. Spike TV isn’t alone in their interest of Jennifer either. Aniston has spiked the interest of many men and probably some women throughout the last 10 years.

Spike TV’s Guys Choice show will air at 9 p.m. on June 10. Jennifer will be actually be present during the event to accept her award so do expect to see some drooling guys on TV. Speaking about Aniston, Executive VP Casey Patterson said, “Decade of Hotness is Guys Choice’s ultimate term of endearment for a woman that we just can’t get enough of.”

Yeah, that seems to describe Jennifer Aniston to a lot of people. However, one person that doesn’t apply to is probably Angelina Jolie. Jolie will probably pass on Spike TV’s Guys Choice show. She’s so busy these days trying to save the world while raising half a dozen kids. You better bet that it can get really chaotic at times.

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