Jennifer Aniston would hate to hear this man was fired because of her

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Jennifer Aniston would hate to hear that a man who was only saying something nice about her has now lost his $30,000 a year job.

Terry Siegler was shuttling around guests at the Encantado Resort at Sante Fe when bus guests asked him during the ride if he had noticed the celebrity engaged to be married on Valentine’s Day next year.

He had seen her, so he said yes, adding that she “is sweet and much more petite than I thought” she would be.


Who hasn’t asked a tour bus or hotel shuttle driver a similar question when visiting LA or another celebrity hot spot? And what driver doesn’t provide some little tidbit of a response, if for no other reason than to be sociable to paying guests?

This time it got the hotel worker fired, although he didn’t really violate any personal information about Jennifer Aniston according to TMZ.

The celebrity sporting an alleged $1 million, 10-carat diamond engagement ring on her finger lately would likely feel terrible that a hotel worker was fired for complimenting her, despite the hotel’s strict “no talking about guests” confidentiality policy. Right?

Maybe. Jennifer is currently wearing an alleged $1 million diamond on her finger. That’s bound to make even the friendly down-to-earth actress a bit skittish about anyone talking about her comings and goings right now.

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