Jennifer Aniston’s Beau Justin Theroux Threatens Brad Pitt

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Jennifer Aniston’s beau Justin Theroux has had about all he can take of Brad Pitt slamming his girlfriend. Now Justin has reportedly threatened Brad, and sparks could start to fly.

According to Hollywood Life, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes since Brad Pitt made his first public diss of Jen. It seems Justin Theroux decided he’d had enough after Parade magazine hit news stands with the story.

A close friend of Justin’s–who of course remains nameless at this point in time–reportedly contacted a “friend” who is close to him and to Brad Pitt. Using this person as a conduit between the two, he issued his threat.

Justin’s friend claims this is how it went down.

“Justin couldn’t believe what a coward Brad was,” the friend explains. “So, what did he do? Late at night on Sept. 14, he placed the call. He said he should keep his mouth shut about his life with Jen.”

It is also said that Justin Theroux next called a studio executive–who also remains unnamed, of course–telling him that Brad Pitt is a “wimp” and a “loud-mouth bully,” and that he needs to be put in his place.

Justin Theroux claims he is so angry about the situation, and so faithful to Jennifer Aniston, that he would even physically fight Brad Pitt.

Now come on, Justin. Physical violence? What are we now–twelve years old? Sure, he said things that were hurtful and insulting to Jennifer Aniston, but saying something like that simply makes you sound like the idiot.

Some people claim that it’s actually Angelina Jolie, and not Brad Pitt, who is behind the nasty comments to and about Jennifer Aniston. They say that’s how Angelina operates–using Brad Pitt to do her dirty work.

The bottom line here is this. Jennifer Aniston is in a better place now than she ever was with Brad Pitt. By simply remaining mum and carrying on with her life, she ultimately provides all the retaliation she needs without lifting a finger or uttering a word.

And as for Justin Theroux fighting back and threatening Brad Pitt? That just brings him down to Brad’s–or Angelina’s, as the case may be–level.

What do you think?

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