Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Puffy’ Face: Weight Gain or Plastic Surgery?

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Is Jennifer Aniston’s latest “puffy” face appearance due to weight gain for her role as an aging prostitute in a new movie, or has she gone under the knife? This is the question that’s up for debate today as her latest pictures show America’s sweetheart looking a bit swollen.

Jennifer Aniston is 43 years old, while she’s no spring chicken, she looks like one in most of her appearances in recent months. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—because as one source is reporting Aniston looking swollen, another is posting a picture from the set of her movie “We’re the Millers” and calling her hot.

She’s without a bra and in a white semi-see-through tank top on the Huffington Post and they see her as “hot.” Then Celebrity Dirty Laundry is going on about the extra weight she’s sporting and both pictures come from sometime this week. Who do you believe? Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, it’s up to you to decide if Aniston is puffing up or at a time in her life that she’s looking especially hot.

The new movie has Aniston as an aging prostitute and it sounds as if it is more of a dramatic role than she’s played in a while. Some say she doesn’t have much talent for the big screen and she peaked with Friends, but she’s still a big draw for movie goers.

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