Jennifer Carpenter: Michael C Hall’s Wife and Dexter Co-star

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I didn’t know this until I read the troubling news about Michael C. Hall’s cancer, but Jennifer Carpenter, who plays his adoptive sister on the show Dexter, is his wife in real life.  (Sidenote: Dexter is one of my new favorite shows!)  Carpenter plays Debra Morgan, a police officer with the Miami PD, where Hall’s Dexter also works as a blood spatter analyst.  I won’t get into the entire premise of the show, I just strongly suggest you check it out.

Jennifer Carpenter also starred in the movies The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Quarantine.

Actually it was only recently that someone told me that Michael C. Hall was straight.  He played the role of David Fisher, a gay funeral director on Six Feet Under, so well I would have put money on a real life preference for men.

I was shocked to learn today about Hall’s battle with cancer, specifically Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  But the disease is in remission and he continues to undergo treatment.

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