Jennifer Del Rio Requests Sole Custody

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Jennifer del Rio, star of 16 & Pregnant, is claiming that the father of her children is a threat to both her and their kids and she wants sole custody of their twins. Joshua Smith was arrested last year after allegedly attacking Jennifer and she says that because of his violence, she can not share custody with him.

According to TMZ, the MTV star filed legal documents in Lake County, Illinois after fleeing the state of Florida to get away from Joshua. The two’s tumultuous relationship was put on display when they appeared on 16 & Pregnant. During their episode, Josh was extremely aggressive towards his children’s mom and even shoved her in her lower abdomen just after she underwent a C-section.

Jennifer and her twin boys currently live in Illinois. She is their primary caregiver and feels that it is in their best interest to stay with her permanently. Judging by his arrests, it would not be safe for their two small boys to be around him. On the show, fans could see how short Josh’s temper was and how quickly he resorted to violence.

Due to their history of domestic violence, Jennifer claims that joint custody is not an option. Joshua was arrested last April after Jennifer accused him of attacking her, threatening to have her raped, and attempting to kidnap their children. Prior to that, Joshua had been arrested in November 2010 for an assault on Jennifer and was ordered to complete an educational program. It is unknown if he completed it or not but either way, he doesn’t seem to have learned much.

Just a few weeks after Joshua’s April arrest, Jennifer del Rio allegedly punched him in the face leading to him calling the police on her. Neither party was arrested at that time and Jennifer later said that the claim was bogus.

The judge has yet to make a decision in this case.

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