Jennifer Esposito Moves Past ‘Blue Bloods and Bolsters Awareness for Celiac Disease

For almost two complete seasons on Blue Bloods, the mix of toughness and tenderness that marked the chemistry between Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curatola and Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan was something that kept many fans coming back week to week. As Season 3 opened, it was clear that Esposito and her network bosses were at odds over the impact of her diagnosis with celiac disease. The parting was is difficult for fans as it was for the actress, but every ending has a purpose, and now, Jennifer is embarking on a new venture in a reality show, Playing with Fire, in hopes of showing off New York Life, and how to live as an overcomer.

Esposito never saw her condition as an impediment to the demanding shooting schedule for Blue Bloods, but show runners saw things differently. The episode depicting Detective Jackie clearing out her desk and bidding a poignant farewell to Danny and her precinct was almost more than a heart can take. Jennifer had dealt with her diagnosis for nearly 5 years without missing a beat, and her new project will be a mix of the New York food scene, presumably with a slant toward a health-friendly diet for celiac patients, and the actress’s personal and professional journey. Esposito already is something of an expert, having opened her Jennifer’s Way bakery in February, featuring all dairy-free and gluten-free goodies.

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