Jennifer Gimenez Calls Out Kathie Lee Gifford For Uneducated Comments

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Jennifer Gimenez is not happy with Kathie Lee Gifford. The Today Show host has once again caught the attention of many for saying something, well, stupid. She told Family Circle Magazine, “My kids haven’t been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right.” In other words, she implied that the parents of addicts are responsible for their addiction!

Many might remember her questioning comedian Martin Short about how he and his wife had been doing. Meanwhile his wife had passed a couple of years before after losing her battle with cancer. Kathie seems to be making a habit not educating herself before speaking.

Jennifer, who ran the sober living facility on Dr. Drew’s Sober House is the co-host of the addiction-related KLEAN Radio, tells Radar Online, “Kathie Lee Gifford has a huge platform to do positive things and instead is putting an even larger stigma on addiction. As if parents of addicts didn’t feel at fault already, she’s making them feel worse and it’s not their fault!” Jennifer said.

Jennifer makes a great point. Not only are her comments ignorant, they are also hurtful to those parents who have lost loved ones to addiction. It’s completely unfair and unwarranted to make them feel as if they should hold themselves responsible for their child being taken from them at the hands of such a merciless disease.

Jenn adds, “With all the awareness that is being brought to addiction you’d think that she would educate herself. If she only knew what she was talking about she would realize that it’s a disease. I guess ignorance is bliss in this case.”

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