Jennifer Lawrence and Lindsay Lohan in ‘Thelma & Louise’ Remake?

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Jennifer Lawrence has won a new famous fan thanks to her role in The Hunger Games – Lindsay Lohan has made it known that she’s very eager to work with the successful young star. But would Jen want to work with her?

There were a few reports that Lindsay caused problems on the set of her Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, but at least Lilo proved that she can finish a film. Perhaps she feels that getting to play Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor will help get her career back on track, meaning that she can move on to better things by working with bigger stars. Here’s what she recently tweeted about her desire to work with Jennifer:

“Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games is genius. I want to do Thelma&Louise w/her (with her) but ala Natural Born Killers (style wise) 2 girls-2 guys.”

At least Lindsay Lohan didn’t beg for a role in Catching Fire. It’s also a good thing that she didn’t say that she wants her Thelma and Louise to be as violent as Juliette Lewis’ character in Natural Born Killers – it’s probably not the best idea to express an interest in wanting to do a movie about glorified mass murderers right after a mass murder takes place.

The original Thelma & Louise starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis was all about girl power, so fans might not be too excited about Lindsay’s plan to change it to Thelma & Louise & Billy Bob & Bubba.

But if she’s determined to make it happen, perhaps Linds could get her The Canyons costar James Deen to sign on as one of the guys. And maybe she’ll pursue someone really big for the other male part — Robert Pattinson, perhaps? Her idea definitely sounds like something that Machete director Robert Rodriguez would be interested in.

So what do you think – can you picture Jennifer and Lindsay driving over a cliff in a convertible with a couple of guys in the backseat, or is Lindsay’s idea absolutely awful?

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