Jennifer Lawrence Compares Josh Hutcherson to a Dog Licking her Face

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Jennifer Lawrence recently talked about hanging out with her The Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson, and she had a strange way of describing what it’s like to spend time with him—she compared it to a dog licking her face. So have these two crazy kids been having messy make-out sessions or something?

Everyone is probably dying to see if Josh and Jennifer will become the next Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson by dating, but right now the two of them just seem to be friends who enjoy joking around with one another.

During a recent interview with MTV News, Jennifer Lawrence joked that she and Josh Hutcherson had “tons of chemistry” during the chemistry read that they had to do for The Hunger Games. She went on to call him “charming and sweet,” which Josh had to feel pretty good about.

And the many fans that Josh is about to win over will be glad to know that Jennifer believes that he is Peeta. This means that he’s just as caring and likeable as the character he plays, so girls all over the world are probably going to fall really hard for him when The Hunger Games hits theaters. Luckily Jennifer wanted to make sure that he doesn’t get too much of an ego—instead of comparing his charm to that of a sex symbol like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, she said that hanging out with Josh is “like a dog licking your face.”

So did she mean that Josh has dog breath and drools all over her? That would be pretty awful since they have to film a kissing scene together. It’s more likely that she meant that she and Josh Hutcherson just get excited when they get around one another—dogs do tend to get extremely happy and “licky” when their owners comes home from work.

But poor Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t so lucky. This is how Josh described working with her: “Like a dog licking your face, but ‘Oh, God, get this away.'”

Of course, he was just joking; he and Jennifer seem to enjoy doing that a lot. The two of them come off as a lot more cheerful, playful, and open than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, so it won’t be surprising if they win over even more fans when The Hunger Games hits theaters.

So do you think Josh and Jennifer will have the chemistry needed to pull off playing Peeta and Katniss?

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