Jennifer Lawrence Flips Middle Finger to Press at Oscars—Chasing Kristen Stewart Much?

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Was Jennifer Lawrence stoned at last night’s 2013 Academy Awards ceremony, or was she stoned and mocking Kristen Stewart? Not only did she fall down and almost but not quite go “boom” on her way up the steps to accept her award, she later flipped the middle finger to the press backstage. Sound like KStew much? What got into her?

Okay, maybe the Silver Linings Playbook girl is just a klutz. She fell at the Golden Globe Awards as well. At least this time when she almost took a tumble, she kept her clothes intact. However, there was no excuse for her flipping off the journalists backstage as if they were paparazzi camped beneath her bathroom window. The members of the press helped make her a star. She needs to understand she’s a woman who’s been blessed with a career earning her millions of dollars acting in movies. She’s not a woman who’s just invented the cure for cancer or AIDS. She needs to learn some manners. Unprovoked rudeness is not well tolerated in women. A fat, past his prime jerk like Alec Baldwin or a thin-skinned “genius” like Sean Penn can get away with being rude. A chipmunk-cheeked ingenue with only three starring roles under her Dior belt—not so much.

Of course, this isn’t the first time, La Lawrence has been rude in public either. There was that time she dissed Meryl Streep. Even Lindsay Lohan was shocked by that one. Then, there was her shocking diss to the people at PETA who criticized her grotesque squirrel-skinning scene in Winter’s Bone. Jen’s eloquent counter to their criticism was: “F*ck PETA.” Yikes.

Interestingly, one of the people Lawrence has dissed in the past was none other than Robert Pattinson’s ex(?) lady, Kristen Stewart. At the height of the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, Lawrence remarked in an interview that she would never cheat. Later still, she revealed that she had auditioned for the role of Twilgiht‘s Bella Swan, and she was glad she didn’t win it. Her reason? She wouldn’t want to live Kristen Stewart’s life.


Somebody get this girl a copy of Miss Manners. Please.

Anyway, there you have it. Click here to see a pic of Jennifer Lawrence and her offending middle finger at the Oscars.

Stay tuned.

Note: With her apparent inability to feel empathy or sympathy for animal suffering, perhaps Lawrence’s next boyfriend should be neither Bradley Cooper nor Leonardo DiCaprio. She should hook up with the famous dog torturer, Michael Vick. Oops. No, he’s married. Well, the girl can dream.

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