Jennifer Lawrence Lip-syncs in New Horror Movie

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence was so nervous about her singing voice for her role in the upcoming movie House At The End Of The Street that she asked for a professional singer to be hired instead. Is she just being modest, or is there really something wrong with her singing voice? Not that being unable to sing would really hurt her career after some of the great roles she’s been landing!

The young actress, who starred in The Hunger Games, plays a young singer named Elissa Cassidy in the film and was scripted to sing and play guitar as part of the role. According to WENN, the actress asked Steve Lindsey, the music supervisor, to hire a singer and allow her to lip-sync along. He told Variety, “Even (though) she was nervous, her humor about the situation shined through with her begging for us to ‘Photoshop (edit)’ her voice.” Would she have turned down the role if they had told her to sing or pack up? Luckily, her fans don’t have to find out!

Sarah Rayne, session musician, was voice dubbed over Jennifer Lawrence’s performance post production fooling many film critics into thinking they were listening to the actress sing. Hopefully everyone will find out how well she can sing for real some day!

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