Jennifer Lawrence of ‘Hunger Games': Bad Example or Just True to Herself?

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Is Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence a bad example to her fans or is the 21-year-old just being true to herself? Hollywood’s young stars are faced with several obstacles and dilemmas. It’s not always easy to know when they should be themselves or when they should just keep their mouths shut. A prime example is when Jennifer recently dissed PETA.

Jennifer Lawrence 11x17 HD Photo Poster Hot Actress #01In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lawrence had said when she skinned a squirrel for Winter’s Bone, it was fake. She said, “I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA—but screw PETA.”

That backhanded remark wasn’t viewed as very ladylike to all of Lawrence’s fans. One such fan, Autumn, wrote E!’s Ted Casablanca to complain.

She stated, “I don’t understand why all these stars are so disrespectful. I just saw on a video Josh Hutcherson dropping f-bombs and Jennifer Lawrence slamming PETA and skinny girls. Do they not realize they are supposed to be role models? PETA is a great organization… I am a huge fan of these stars and I think they are incredibly talented, but I do think they could be way more respectful toward their viewers and realize that people judge their character based on how they act. Could Jennifer Lawrence’s careless words… bring an end to the young viewers and their parents’ love?”

Casablanca’s replied to Autumn with a level-headed response. It’s obvious Casablanca’s been in the entertainment industry for some time now and knows the difference between taking it too far and just being honest.

He wrote, “Look, A, of course I agree with you saying that Jen and Josh are role models… with being an entertainment zenith comes the responsibility of being yourself. If you lose that, you lose everything in my opinion. So, let’s let Josh and Jen just be who they are—whether we always like it or not. I’ll take that over fake, red-carpet plastic any day. P.S. Jen hardly ‘slammed’ PETA and I’ve heard much worse mouths than Josh’s. Lighten up.”

If that isn’t the truth, who knows what is! Jennifer Lawrence’s small diss could hardly compare to the tons of other young celebrities who are busy getting high or being sexually promiscuous. In short, Lawrence keeps her side of the street clean so a few snide remarks here and there shouldn’t reflect badly on her. If anything, it strengthens her character.

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