Jennifer Lawrence of ‘Hunger Games’ Joins Best Hollywood Actors Under 25 List

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Interest in Jennifer Lawrence has skyrocketed thanks to Hunger Games. Of course, her success can be attributed to her amazing talent as an actress. In fact, her skills as an actress have always been phenomenal as is evident in previous movies such as The Poker House, but it Jennifer Lawrence 11x17 HD Photo Poster Hot Actress #01took a movie such as Hunger Games which already had a devout following for Jennifer’s abilities to really shine.

Among those who’ve have noticed is The website placed Lawrence on their list of 2012’s 25 Best Hollywood Actors Under 25.

She came in at the 6th place. Others on the list are Emma Watson in the 7th place and Michael Angarano at #10. The top three actors on the list were:

1) Emma Stone

2) Evan Rachel Wood

3) Ezra Milla

This is just the latest list Jennifer Lawrence has found herself on. She was also recently named “Sexiest Eyes” by Victoria’s Secret. Needless to say she’s probably on more list than she even knows about. And, she’ll be on plenty more lists before year’s end.

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