Jennifer Lawrence Too Sexy for ‘Hunger Games’ Role?

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Is Jennifer Lawrence too curvy for her blockbuster role in The Hunger Games? Is she too womanly to play a 16-year-old, half-starved warrior? Is she just plain too sexy in the role of Katniss Everdeen? Some critics, reports The Celebrity Café, have held Jennifer’s perfect body against her, as a criticism.

Certainly, if the producers had wanted a starved-looking waif, there must be plenty of them around Hollywood, dying (almost literally) for such a starring role. But extreme thinness can’t be the criterion for choosing an actress for a role. It just isn’t safe or heathy.File:Jennifer Lawrence at the 83rd Academy Awards crop.jpg

These critics say Jennifer Lawrence may have been just the right degree of waif-like when she was originally chosen for the part, but enough time went by that her body must have matured. Possibly. After all, the actress is not 16, she’s 21. Perhaps they should have chosen someone who is actually a teen. But that’s Hollywood.

Most important, other critics have praised Jennifer Lawrence’s acting in the complex role. “Fans fall in love with her strength and determination throughout the games,” and movie-goers fall equally in love with the actress and her performance.

In the meantime, Jennifer Lawrence points out that she doesn’t diet, and she hates people who brag about exercising. She just lives a healthy life. That’s a great idea.

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