Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games’ Archery Skills Rated by Her Olympics-Bound Trainer

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Jennifer Lawrence made archery look easy in The Hunger Games, but that wasn’t the case in real life. It took Jennifer hard work and practice to get that good. Actors go through a lot to breath life into their characters and the 21-year-old did an excellent job with Katniss Everdeen. Every aspect of Katniss was portrayed to satisfaction for most fans, though Jennifer did experience some racism for being blonde with blue eyes.

Jennifer Lawrence 11x17 HD Photo Poster Hot Actress #01As far as Lawrence’s bow skills go, her Olympics-bound trainer, Khatuna Lorig, has said, “I got a call that some actress needed to learn how to shoot an arrow. They didn’t tell me much about it…I was asked to make her shoot like a professional. Who was she? I had no idea.”

And then Lorig realized who Lawrence was, “Oh my God, I’m working with a star! I started reading [The Hunger Games series] and got hooked right away. She did really good. We did not laugh at her.” Lorig’s ultimate goal when it comes to Lawrence and archery is to make the starlet “even more glamorous with a bow.”

Jennifer Lawrence is taking a break from practicing for the time being. However, once pre-production gets underway for The Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire, Lawrence will be at work perfecting Katniss’ craft.

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