Jennifer Lopez Boytoy Casper Smart Caught Visiting Sleazy Gay Peepshow (Video)

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Poor Jennifer Lopez. The gay rumors about her boyfriend Casper Smart just won’t go away. The latest one has him visiting a sleazy porn peep show that’s known to be a pick-up spot for men seeking anonymous gay sex. And this time there are photos. Oops. Does Casper have some serious ‘splainin’ to do?

It sure looks like it. According to the folks at Media Take Out, JLo’s boytoy was recently snapped going into a so-called love booth, commonly called a peep show. He was also photographed leaving the establishment which is reportedly located “near NYCs Time Square—one of the most DISGUSTING and FILTHY areas of the city.” Oh, the horror. At the first Caspar Smart peep show sighting, MTO wondered “what man STILL goes into peep shows [since]… even GAY DUDES gave that up in 1995!!!”

Alas, as MTO later discovered some “gay dudes” did not abandon the peep shows back in the day. Apparently, the video booths are still going strong. In fact, the establishment visited by Mr. Smart allegedly boasts a clientele devoted to anonymous gay sex, most of which is rumored to be accomplished by means of “glory holes” strategically cut through the plywood walls of the booths. Think about it; you’ll figure it out. Anyhow, according to an MTO snitch—er—roving reporter named Bimbo Winehouse, the establishment visited by JLo’s man sports walls riddled with glory holes. Yikes. This shocking revelation has led MTO to ask if Jennifer Lopez’s entire relationship with Caspar Smart is a scam—er—sham—er—”fraud.” Ouch.

Actually, it’s a fair question considering. You can watch Bimbo Winehouse dish on the various nefarious activities that occur in peep shows on the video below. What do you think? Is this proof that Caspar Smart is gay? Is JLo’s romance a “fraud?”

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