Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart and Family: How To Spend Day Off?

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Jennifer Lopez, boyfriend Casper Smart, her kids Max and Emme, and Casper’s mom Guadalupe had a little family fun time in Dublin, Ireland…despite a passing shower.

So what did J. Lo and her “family” do on their day off? How about hang out at the Dublin Zoo! One thing is for sure, Lopez loved the trip to the animal park. As a matter of fact, J. Lo even had a slice of pizza at the zoo restaurant. Funny, but people didn’t even recognize her or her family.

Three hours later, Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart and the kids had been on their own personal tour of the Dublin zoo.

“The kids were having a ball and wanted to stay longer,” explained the zoo manager who also explained that Lopez seemed completely undaunted by a little shower saying that it was “only rain.”

The thing is, Jennifer often comes across as just tying to be “normal” though not everyone buys it. Here at the zoo is yet another instance where Lopez doesn’t put up a huge diva presence. In the words of Gerry the manager, “They were a regular family, two sweet kids and her mother was wonderful, really down-to-earth.”

See, there really is hope that a celebrity can just be a normal human being, not something that is placed on a pedestal.

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