Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart Talking Marriage Already?

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Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Casper Smart, are supposedly already talking about marriage. Wait! What? J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s divorce hasn’t even been finalized and Jennifer is already ready to marry Casper? Wait up now, is that really a “Smart” move? According to OK!, the hot Latina really is ready to marry for the fourth time.

JENNIFER LOPEZ 8X10 PHOTOTheir source said, “Jennifer never does anything half-way, especially relationships. This thing with Casper is no different. She told him that as soon as the divorce goes through, she wants to run away with him and get married.”

Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with the singer’s marriage plans. Her mother, Guadalupe is reportedly upset over how Lopez has gone all out for Smart. A source said, “Guadalupe thinks Jennifer has lost her mind. She’s outraged that Jennifer is giving Casper an allowance and showering him with gifts. Both Guadalupe and J.Lo’s younger sister, Lynda, are begging her to take a step back, if only for the sake of [3-year-old twins] Max and Emme.”

Yeah right, don’t ever try to talk anyone out of love. The voice of reason becomes painted as the enemy during the honeymoon phase of many relationships. Jennifer Lopez is a grown woman in her forties; she’s going to do what she wants because she can. So what if her new boyfriend becomes her next husband? Now that Elizabeth Taylor’s passed on, the world needs another unlucky in marriages celebrity. Lopez is just stepping up to the plate.

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