Jennifer Lopez Dating Dancer Casper Smart – Is She Trying to Revisit Her Youth?

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Jennifer Lopez is dating back-up dancer Casper Smart after a very fast fling with Bradley Cooper.

J-Lo seems to be revisiting her past with her new man — her ex Chris Judd was also a back-up dancer. So maybe she’s trying to prove that she’s still a youthful Jenny from the Block with the new groovin’ guy that she’s got.

J-Lo has allegedly been dating her new man for weeks, which means that her relationship with Bradley Cooper didn’t last long at all. It’s a little bit funny the way things worked out this time — she left dancer Chris Judd for actor Ben Affleck, and now she’s leaving an actor for a dancer.

It’s possible that Jennifer dumped Bradley fast simply because she decided that she doesn’t want the massive amount of attention that comes with dating a fellow celeb at this point in her life.

Casper Smart might not be a household name like Bradley, but he has worked with his fair share of celebrities. In addition to dancing with Jennifer Lopez, he’s worked with Beyonce and on the movies Honey 2 and Step Up 3D. According to Us Weekly, Casper is pretty popular with the ladies because he dances shirtless at the Club Boulevard in L.A.

And it’s not hard to tell why the ladies appreciate him by looking at his Facebook photo — he definitely has the tight and toned bod of a dancer.

Just yesterday he posted this message on his wall: “In Palo Alto Bout to do a show w/ Jennifer Lopez for some1s birthday.. LEGOO!!!!” This definitely doesn’t prove that he’s dating J-Lo — in fact, he seems to be referring to her as a coworker and not a girlfriend. It wouldn’t be surprising if their relationship did end up being purely professional — Casper’s age on his YouTube channel is listed as 24. Jennifer might look young for 42, but she should know better after seeing what Demi Moore is going through.

So what do you think — is J-Lo going to try to get over Marc Anthony by dating a slew of hot young guys? Or is her relationship with Casper probably just a professional one?

Check out Casper showing off some of his smooth moves below.

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