Jennifer Lopez Divorce Announcement Perfectly Timed with Carmageddon!

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have just announced that they are splitting, calling it quits after just over seven years of marriage. The ex-couple may be singing the swan song of their marriage, but Los Angeles reporters and paparazzi will have a hard time turning in any divorce updates or candid photos of Lopez and Anthony, given the curse of Carmageddon.

The L.A. closure of one of the busiest U.S. freeways, Interstate 405, has put Hollywood on hold for one very long weekend–53 long hours to be exact, from Friday evening to Monday morning.

The very fact that much of the city is at a standstill makes the timing for J. Lo and her soon-to-be ex-husband’s unfortunate announcement absolutely perfect, if they want to fly under the radar as much as possible. But was it a strategic move on their end or just pure coincidence?

Carmageddon may protect some of the privacy of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony the weekend and prevent the escalation of buzz, but there will most assuredly still be plenty of appetite for gossip about the Latin duo beginning on Monday.

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance as a judge on American Idol has upped her star power and made her an even bigger household name, especially among an even younger demographic. So her split from Marc Anthony is sure to attract attention now, over the weekend and beyond–Carmageddon or not.

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