Jennifer Lopez Embraces Lesbianism

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Rumor has it Jennifer Lopez is getting into lesbianism. Or at least she will be in the new show she’s reportedly developing for ABC Family. The new project will be centered around a lesbian couple “who welcomes a teenager into their home.”

It seems JLo is going to try on yet another hat as the executive producer of the new show which has yet to be assigned a title. Her new endeavor has a chance to be very successful since it will be joining a network that already boasts a plethora of well-received “young-female-centric dramas [and] comedies. If and when La Lopez’s new show joins the ABC lineup, it will be competing with teen oriented hits like Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Nevertheless, it should do very well.

Although the show is still in the planning stages, there’s already speculation about who will be chosen for the leads. Of course, since Jennifer Lopez will be calling the shots, it’s probably safe to assume that her ambitious young boyfriend, Casper Smart will probably find himself cast in one of the starring roles. Although the gender and/or sexual orientation of the teenage lead has not yet been specified, Smart’s addition to the cast in a pivotal role would certainly make for interesting times on the set—especially since he’s been rumored to rub some people the wrong way. JLo’s manager for example.

Oh well, time will tell. What do you think?

Note: Wonder if Casper Smart can pass for a teenager.

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